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ADAPTEC 29160LP (ver. 6.­3.­9) wydane 2004.08.19.

Plik pobrany 3 razy i obejrzany 4920 razy.

Kategoria Kontrolery SCSI
Urządzenie 29160LP
Systemy operacyjne Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2
Wersja 6.­3.­9
Rozmiar pliku 9.79 Mb
Wydany 2004.08.19
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U160 SCSI Driver file v6.­3.­9 (RPM) for Red Hat AS 2.­1 on i686 Ultra160 SCSI Driver v6.­3.­9 *minimally tested* for the SCSI cards 39160,­ 29160,­ 29160N,­ and 29160LP.­ This RPM package contains the Red Hat Advanced Server 2.­1 driver.­ Caution: These drivers have been minimally tested by Adaptec and are provided as a convenience for our customers.­ Notes: This is the SCSI driver for Red Hat Advanced Server 2.­1 on i686 processors in an installable RPM format

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